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Acts 8: Philip Planted, Peter and John Cultivated

Evangelism without a church to send those who proclaim faith in Christ will allow for a foundation of sand to be built around the cornerstone. The framework of the building that is built on that foundation will be washed away. Philip’s efforts in Acts 8 were followed up by Peter and John.We cannot keep doing…More

Mandates Are Not Laws

Mandates are not laws. If madates were laws, any government official can take what they want, give it to whomever they want, and prosecute the one who they stole it from. 2 Samuel 12 is a good read.More

Who is Responsible For Social Segregation

Understanding history is key to understanding what’s happening in America today. The following videos are evidence of the methods of command and control prodigals of the most dangerous political party in America. He has ears, let him hear.More


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