Know the Truth

It will set you free.


Fall In Line or Face Our Wrath

When one thinks for themselves, and has the ability to properly discern truth, they are immediately hammered. It’s not just in secular society. It’s in the church, too.John 9. The blind man refused to cave to the religious and political leaders of his day. He was excommunicated from his society.Jesus took him in and gave…More

When You Don’t Know The Context: What Message Is Being Conveyed?

If you heard this song, with no context, would it sound homo or hetero erotic? This might hurt, it’s not safeBut I know that I’ve gotta make a changeI don’t care if I breakAt least I’ll be feeling something ‘Cause just okay is not enoughHelp me fight through the nothingness of life I don’t wanna…More

Mandating Vaccines is a Step to Mandating the Mark of the Beast

In this current climate of “my body, my choice,” who has noticed that the language of choice and freedom are being 1984ed? We are being told that we have the right not to take the vaccine, but without it you will lose your right to buy, sell, trade and travel. Why hasn’t the Christian community…More


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