Fall In Line or Face Our Wrath

When one thinks for themselves, and has the ability to properly discern truth, they are immediately hammered. It’s not just in secular society. It’s in the church, too.
John 9. The blind man refused to cave to the religious and political leaders of his day. He was excommunicated from his society.
Jesus took him in and gave him a new home. Are “Christians” today capable of standing that strong? Are they able to stand the rejection of friends, family, and society?

The following quotes show what happens when one, who of the in crowd, steps out of line. Notice how the MSM threaten the person, but the person is accused of intimidating the “reporter.” The Orwellian language is all over this article.

“Just letting you know, CNN is in the country looking for you,” one purported text message reads.

“And when they find you, they won’t hesitate to reveal where you live or where you [girlfriend] lives… anything and anyone who is tied to you,” the screenshot says. “If you speak to me, we won’t reveal those details.”

In Instagram Stories, Minaj intimidated the reporter named in the screenshots, writing, “Threatening my family in Trinidad won’t bode well for you.”

“They’re forcing my family to have to hide out,” the rapper added. “This is what speaking up looks like. Millions of poor people are treated this way by the ppl you think are the ‘good guys.’ This is unconscionable.”


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