The Dangers of Christian Nobility

The wolves in sheep’s clothing supported Joe Biden. They ignored all the signs of satanic influences of the Democrat party during the four years of the previous administration. All of the Nobility in the “Christian” leadership in the United States supported this demonic party.

They battered and beaten their congregations to ignore the known works of a hate filled, racist, satanic, supporters of baby murder and pedophiles that is the Democrat party. These Christian Nobles willfully did this despite that a Republican, who brought North Korea to cross the DMZ, crushed ISIS in Syria, and started seeing peace treaties between Israel and most of the nations of the Middle East, would be voted out of office. This is an example of Barabus and Jesus before the people of Israel and the political and religious leaders.

As the Christian is aware, the religious and political leaders of the time did not want their power and prestige to go away. Jesus’ leadership pointed the people back to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and not to the world system. They picked a man who fit their ideal.

A political, religious, and militarily puppet. Bababus fit their ideal. In 2020, Joe Biden fits the ideal of the Christian Nobility of this age.

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