Progressive “Christian” Propaganda

Just read the quote. You can’t be against human trafficking via illegal boarder crossing, support true racial reconciliation, expect immigrants to become apart of US society, think for yourself, or be the voice in the wilderness calling the nations to repentance. Propaganda with a “Christian” spin.

““Christian nationalism tends to make Americans more racially prejudiced, more fearful of immigrants to an irrational degree, and hold views that are unequivocally xenophobic or racist.” According to Perry, the ideology of Christian nationalism has a profound impact on how people view the coronavirus. Perry argues that, because “Christian nationalism seems to make people inclined to Donald Trump” and “Donald Trump, wasn’t really encouraging a lot of precautions regarding coronavirus early on,” it should not come as a surprise those identified as having a Christian nationalist ideology are less likely to take precautions during the pandemic. Perry also cited a reluctance to “trust the media” among reasons for their reluctance to follow recommended coronavirus precautions. He also said that there is a belief that the United States has a “protective relationship” with God and that “if God punishes us with this disease,” “it’s not because we’re not social distancing, it’s because … we’ve slid morally.””

Americans with Christian nationalist views more likely to flout COVID-19 precautions: study

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