The Coming Famine: Pharaoh Rising

As Nero fiddles, America and the world are on the brink of famine. The Church is blind to the truth of the coming Pharaoh. Just as Joseph took the money, the livestock, the land and eventually the people for Pharaoh, our world is being formatted for the coming famine.

The Coming Famine

Gen 47:13  Now there was no food in all the land, for the famine was very severe, so that the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan languished by reason of the famine.

Gen 47:14  And Joseph gathered up all the money…

Gen 47:15  And when the money was all spent in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us food…

Gen 47:16  And Joseph answered, “Give your livestock…

Gen 47:18  …“We will not hide from my lord that our money is all spent. The herds of livestock are my lord’s. There is nothing left in the sight of my lord but our bodies and our land.

Gen 47:19  Why should we die before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for food…

Gen 47:20  So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh…

Gen 47:21  As for the people, he made servants of them from one end of Egypt to the other.

Gen 47:25  And they said, “You have saved our lives; may it please my lord, we will be servants to Pharaoh.”

Egypt, while Joseph was alive, was a prosperous nation. It treated its citizens well. However, that all changed when a Pharaoh came into power who didn’t know Joseph.

The Coming Pharaoh

Exo 1:8  Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.

Exo 1:9  And he said to his people, “Behold, the people of Israel are too many and too mighty for us.

Exo 1:10  Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and, if war breaks out, they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land.”

Exo 1:11  Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with heavy burdens. They built for Pharaoh store cities, Pithom and Raamses.

Exo 1:12  But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad. And the Egyptians were in dread of the people of Israel.

Exo 1:13  So they ruthlessly made the people of Israel work as slaves

Exo 1:14  and made their lives bitter with hard service, in mortar and brick, and in all kinds of work in the field. In all their work they ruthlessly made them work as slaves.

As America was becoming a global powerhouse, a planned bio attach was conducted. A new Pharaoh is making his move. How can we not see this planned implosion of the world economy?

Farmlands are being plowed under and livestock being killed. When the food shortages come, will we so readily sell our souls? It may seem to be the best way to survive, but is slavery worth it?


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. Eph. 5:11 Please help me expose them.


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