The Transaction Model

What is the Church teaching converts? Great illustrations given. Job, Jesus, and the Disciples are great examples of how the Transaction Model is useless.

I suffered from a debilitating injury and for three years. I was told to have faith and God will heal me. When I refused to lie and say everything was ok, they began to shun me.

God eventually healed me. Now they don’t know what to do with me. This is due to me refusing to accept their “Word Faith” Transaction Model form of “faith.”

They deny that they have do. However, when I am going through a tough time, they tell me not to speak about the negative and only accentuate the positive. Again, this is Word Faith, speaking things in to existence, Transaction thinking.

Please listen to the presentation about the Transaction Model. Be mindful of how she describes how the church reacted to her before and after they realized she didn’t have their “level” of faith. If we are condemning people for not being as “spiritual,” then we need to question our understanding of who God is and what He was speaking to with the Pharisee and what He had written about Job.

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